Automated A/B Testing for Infusionsoft

Why typical A/B Testing is not good enough?

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ChimpSplit is simple yet effective automated A/B Testing tool.
Exactly what every marketer needs.

Unlike the usual random A/B Split, ChimpSplit sends each version to a small group and determines the better performing version. The winning version is then sent to rest of the contacts, to achieve maximum conversions.

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Number of Versions

Select number of versions - A/B or A/B/C.

You will have complete control over each version's subject and mail body.


Test Size & Duration

Select size of your test segment and duration of the test.
ChimpSplit will wait for the specified duration to pick a winner.


Success Metric

How do you want to measure success? Choose from "Open" or "Click"

Frequently Asked Questions

How many versions can I test with ChimpSplit?

You can test up to 3 versions.

Which variables of the emails can I test with?

You have complete control over the template. You can change subject, mail body OR sender name.

Do I need to add any tracking code in email templates?

No, ChimpSplit takes care of the tracking code automatically. You do not need to do anything.

How will I know which version is sent to the majority of contacts?

You will receive a detailed email at almost every stage of your campaign - when an email is sent to the test segment and when the winner is picked. You will also receive report email after 12,24 and 48 hours of the campaign, which will include the results.

How do I select contacts to send the broadcast?

You can select contacts by Tag or Saved Search.

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